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Moscow is almost a country unto itself. Despite Russians’ innate conservatism, today’s Moscow is a 24-hour city that pulses with change, from the ruthlessly competitive restaurant and club scenes to the volatile financial markets and the clamor for the latest top-of-the-line cellphone. In the background, tented spires and golden cupolas of medieval cathedrals beckon, Stalin’s neo-Gothic skyscrapers soar.

Towns of Golden Ring

Venturing outside Moscow demonstrates how deeply the capital differs  from the rest of the sprawling country it represents. Moscow’s outskirts look nothing like the suburban sprawl so familiar to North Americans and Europeans. The most-visited and most historically revealing destinations around Moscow are along the Golden Ring (Zolotoye Koltso), a circle of eight cities, dating back to the  11th century, that served as a nucleus of Russian culture and politics. Their splendid Orthodox cathedrals and monasteries and  their medieval fortresses form their key attractions.


Saint-Petersburg is rightly considered one of the most beautiful European cities. City, often called the «Northern Capital» of Russia — this is not only a museum under the open sky, but simply the embodiment of the last three hundred years of Russian history. Petersburg, survived the 11 emperors, dozens of floods, and the blockade of the revolution, to impress the most sophisticated traveler! More