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Rates for

Standard Class


max. 3 | 2

City to Airport: 1500 RUB
Airport to City: 1500 RUB
In City rides : 1000 rur. Per / hour
Rides outside(KAD) : 48 rur. per/km**

Wagon Class


max. 4 | 4

City to Airport: 1800 RUB
Airport to City: 1800 RUB
In City rides : 1100 rur. Per / hour
Rides outside(KAD) : 48 rur. per/km**

MiniVan Class


max. 7 | 7

City to Airport: 2800 RUB
Airport to City: 2800 RUB
In City rides : 1600 rur. Per / hour
Rides outside(KAD) : 48 rur. per/km**

       Pay attention, due to operational reasons, non-cash payments temporary are not accepted. We are working on this situation and apologize for the inconvenience. Please don’t worry about currency exchange. We can accept RUB, EUR, USD, GBP, CHF and CAD. The receipt will be filled by driver.
       * First hour after factual landing is included in the rates, our drivers will monitor your flight. If the period of waiting takes more, you will be charged for extra parking time (€5 per hour).
       ** 10min — 60min is 1200 rur, following 15 min are not considered, every following 30 min you will pay 550 rur .
       ** Mind, please, that parking in Moscow Center is a problem, so a driver can not wait for you more that 10 min without paying parking fees, usually it’s €1,5 – €2 per hour. If a driver waits for more than 10 minutes, the parking fee will be added to your price.
       Please, don’t forget to switch on your mobile phone just after the landing of your plane.
       Our dispatcher or our driver will contact you in 20 minutes after the landing (calling or sms).
If there is no connection with you, our driver will leave the airport in 1 hour after the landing of your plane.
       The above prices are only valid for bookings made in advance for a minimum of 24 hours before the date.   Your payment should be made at the end of the ride to the driver.
Thank you for understanding.

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